UC Berkeley, Graduate Assembly:
Vice President of Finance & Director of Relations and Development

  • Developed and implemented a strategy to create the first Graduate Assembly Alumni Network to support the organization's mission to supporting peer-to-peer programs for 10,000+ graduate student, advocating for all graduate students with administrators, and activism with political leaders on the Local, State, and Federal levels; the GA Alumni Network serves to financially support the GA, increase network / mentorship opportunities for current GA Delegates, and builds a strong community among alumni and graduate students. 
  • Oversaw the financial forecasting for a 25 year $400,000,000 Wellness Initiative in collaboration with UC Berkeley's Chief Financial Officer(s) and UC Office of the President.
  • Headed the research and develop for the formation of a 1,000+ GA alumni database.
  • Institutionalized outreach and relations efforts including gala events, marketing strategies / materials, LinkedIn groups, and other community building opportunities.
  • Led partnership / collaboration efforts between the Graduate Assembly and the central UC Berkeley campus.
  • Served as the principle liaison between Graduate Assembly Alumni and subsequent corporate and philanthropic partners. 

UC Berkeley, Graduate Researcher

  • Researched the effectiveness of inclusive pilot programs that activated the health, social inclusion, and academic achievement of students with disabilities. 
  • Analyzed the impact of California and Federal educational reform policies on students with disabilities within postsecondary educational institutions.
  • Advised many organizations on best practices and policies to promote inclusion for the disability community including: UC Berkeley administrators, students, and faculty; philanthropists and national foundations; disability advocacy organizations; and scholars from peer institutions.
  • Coordinated interviews and was featured in over thirty newspaper publications (i.e. the LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, etc.) and television networks (i.e. CBS National News, PBS, PAC 12-Network, ABC, etc.).    
  • Co-author manuscripts for peer reviewed publications and presented at various conferences on the subject of disability studies and educational policy. 

Policy Analyst: Fitness-for-All Projecct

  • Founded, championed, and coordinated an inclusive health and sport programs at UC Berkeley to serve individuals with and without disabilities together. 
  • Created the first college sports team in the nation to include students with visual impairments; the team is known as the ‘Cal Goalball Team’ has inspired colleges across the nation to form teams of their own.  
  • Designed the first inclusive sports program that allows motorized wheelchair users an opportunity to play Powersoccer alongside students without disabilities; this opportunity is made possible by providing motorized wheelchairs for non-disabled students.  
  • Successful wrote numerous grants (nearly $200K) and organized funding campaigns to support programs.